Last Mile is a consulting and training organization, offering services in the area of domain led software quality assurance and software testing. As a niche consulting organization, our services cover the following key areas :
Choosing sourcing solutions that maximize business value requires a mature sourcing strategy, well considered partner selection, well managed partner selection and governance. Learn how Last Mile consultants can help you achieve business flexibility through right sourcing.

Lowered Costs, Improved Productivity, Better Resource Utilization, Accelerated Deliveries. The customizable Last Mile TCoE framework can offer this and more to setup and mature your test organization quickly.

Last Mile can help you manage your key test programs, aligning them to business objectives, driving the engagements with mature delivery processes, higher quality & reducing delivery risks.

Identify, Align & Tailor the right set of processes to ensure better performance. Benchmark your organisation's process capabilities against industry standard benchmarks like TMMI and TPI. Last Mile will ensure that there is end-to-end alignment at all stages of the lifecyle from development through to operations.

Last Mile team of learning and assessment consultants can help you assess your existing skills base; and help you right-skill your organization based on your business needs.

Last Mile unique e-learning and contact learning courses bridge the gap between industry expectations and campus education, providing students with a better opportunity at placements and corporates with an opportunity to reduce their training costs.

Last Mile experiential programs, designed for middle and senior QA and testing management, is aimed at mentoring and fostering the right attitudes, providing them with the right tools to excel at their roles, irrespective of the complexity of the engagement.