In today's highly competitive world, ensuring that you have a solution that meets customer expectations, and is pragmatic to ensure robust delivery, is paramount. Differentiating oneself from the commoditized market place, getting the customer to see value in the suite of offerings rather than differentiating you on price is where the focus needs to be. Our services allow organizations to enrich their outward market-facing look, work closely with the sales and marketing teams to proactively outline solutions, structure responses to showcase the organizational capabilities, and articulate the solution to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of the proactive and reactive (response to RFPs) sales cycle. It involves our consultants understanding customer / engagement needs and tailoring existing offerings, business case definitions, solution articulation, bid structuring, commercial modeling, solution / response reviews and also, where required customer interactions. End-to-end responses would cover aspects around transition planning, solution delivery, execution management, continuous improvement through program transformation, governance & reporting, stakeholder engagement.

Our services allow us to instill the following within organizations :
  • Sales Funnel Tracking
  • Bid Processes with Plans, Roles & Responsibilities and tracking
  • Bid Review Checklists
  • Estimation Methodology and Estimate Review checklists
  • KM site for organising information (Tags, Keywords)
  • Commercial Modelling tools