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Escaping the commoditization War

A recent article in the Economic Times by the CEO of a leading IT Services provider claimed that Indian IT services organisations did not innovate and relied very heavily on cost arbitrage. What he implied, and which I believe too, was that the IT services offerings was headed towards, if not already, a commoditised set of services.

To understand commoditisation, let us ask ourselves as to how we as providers of services are perceived in the eyes of our customers. Are they able to distinguish our service from our competitors? Are we seen as an enabler of solutions or do we respond to proposals? Do we get challenged on price as the bottom line of all discussions?   Read more

The Dark Horse: Software Testing Outsourcing

Software testing is an indispensible component in the lifecycle of software development, but is surely not something that companies could primarily focus on. Companies can concentrate on their time consuming centralized activities by outsourcing the testing part to clinical experts. It is always better to outsource the testing services to independent software testing companies providing end to end testing services to avoid the pressure of time constraints in releasing the product on schedule. Independent software testing companies not only know about the latest software testing tools, but their employees also have in-depth knowledge of how to use them end to end and get the best outcome. Software delays hamper reputation and finances; therefore, outsourced software testing will not only reduce basic costs (overall cost of quality), but also keep projects delivery on schedule.  Read more

What Makes a Horrible Software Tester?

The key to being a horrible software tester is to truly hate what you do. A horrible software tester will not understand the code they are working with. They probably can't even spell HTML, this portrays the lack of technical skills in them. A horrible tester will always avoid acquiring the skills either by education or experience. Software development is essentially an exercise in logic, and to operate at a base level in this environment, a horrible software tester simply has to be exceptionally limited in his or her mental capacity. There's no need for a horrible software tester to recognize, interpret or organize around these frequently changing job environment factors. Horrible software testers must have an ingrained propensity to stay where they are in terms of learning He/she will not have the ability to take decisions independently. They must have atrocious written and verbal communication skills. They do not care for the specifics of the business, the product, strategy or the overall objectives.  Read more

7 Reasons Why Companies Should Outsource Their Software Quality Assurance and Testing Needs

Outsourcing has played a very important role in reshaping the way companies do business. Outsourcing does not only help the companies lower their operational costs as they were previously believed to, but today they provide a number of other managerial benefits. Software Houses, Web Developers, Mobile Application Developers, E-commerce businesses and other similar industries cannot hope to succeed without having a Quality Assurance and testing program. There are a number of reasons why companies should ensure that the quality, security, performance and usability of their services are flawless. That being said, here are the seven reasons why companies should outsource these services instead of carrying in-house operations are:

  1. Focus on Core Competencies
  2. Gain Excess to World Class Experts
  3. Reduced Operating Costs
  4. Diversifying Risk
  5. Accelerated Time to Market
  6. Quality Improvement
  7. Competitive Advantage

  Read more

Avoiding consumer testing: Why mobile performance testing is critical

You don't want your end users to be your testers. This is a terrible idea. Before mobile and social media, this might have been okay because the negative feedback would be more muted and not be 'viral' in the sense of infecting your brand before you had a chance to administer the cure. The software that runs your company is now inextricably linked to your brand. So your brand is reflected through the software that your customers are using. Testers now must act in the strategic role of customer advocate and help deliver higher quality software throughout the enterprise by placing a laser focus on assessing the risk associated with every piece of software. After all, it's not just about producing quality applications, but also satisfying the expectations of end users and preserving the integrity of the company. Companies must now adjust to the fact that software testing decisions are heavily influenced by consumer experience and consumer expectation. IT was always driven with a purpose and plan from the top down. We are now in a consumer-driven environment that is unprecedented. You have to know how apps will perform on the devices and platforms your employees are using. You no longer have a choice to use one device, one system and have that to be good enough.  Read more

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